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Mega Moemon Fire Red is the most advanced Moemon rom. It is specially curated to showcase the highest quality Moemon Sprites that exist while providing some gameplay challenges.

The word “MOE” is used a lot in Japanese anime. Basically, it means something of a burning romantic passion between the characters. Having female characters with the MOE face is also associated with something cute. That’s where Pokemon Mega Moemon Fire Red comes in.

It’s a FireRed ROM hack so a lot of the assets are used, but the interesting aspect is that the Pokemon are transformed into Moemon.

The Pokemon in the game have all had their appearance changed. They look like little girls wearing MOE and that makes everything interesting when playing the game.

Mega Moemon Fire Red details and more

Mega Moemon Fire Red

Pokemon Mega Moemon Fire Red
Creator: Septentrion
Game basis: FeuerRot
Language: English

Moemon Mega Fire Red story

The story is pretty much the same as in FireRed. What is special about these games is that there are numerous versions that use the Moemon sprites as a replacement for the Pokemon. If you already know the story of FireRed, you basically already know how it goes on and what happens.

Mega Moemon Fire Red properties

Coming back to the fact that the Pokemon sprites are modified with original Moemon sprites while retaining some characteristics of the Pokemon they replace. Although it’s only based on FireRed, there are a few Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokemon that will show up early in the game.

Several Legendary Pokemon are still available, and their stats, moves, and types have also been updated. And as the title suggests, there is Mega Evolution in the game.

Moemon Mega Fire Red Feature List

  • The list of Moemon goes up to Gen 5, about 300 of them with several Legendaries
  • Physical and special divided
  • Mega evolution available
  • Fairy guy in game
  • Double battles are present
  • TMs can be used indefinitely


Mega Moemon Fire Red
Moemon Mega Fire Red
Mega Moemon Fire Red
Mega Moemon Fire Red
Mega Moemon Fire Red
Mega Moemon Fire Red

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