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Pokémon Xenoverse is a Pokémon fan game created by Team WEEDle and made using RPG Maker XP.
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Pokemon Xenoverse is a Pokémon fan game developed by Italian team called Team WEEDle in RPG Maker. Pokemon Xenoverse Download, user tips and more. Download for Windows And Android.

In Pokemon Xenoverse adventure, you will discover a brand new world with its own authentic story, a unique visual and narrative atmosphere, and innovative features.

Pokemon Xenoverse Download

Pokemon Xenoverse : Per Aspera Ad Astra is a Pokemon fan game set in the Eldiw region. The search for a father who has vanished into thin air is woven into a far more complex matter: the Eldiw region, invaded by the horrifying Species X, is experiencing increasing interdimensional disruption… The Xenoverse Eclipse stands out front and Team Dimension seems to have something to do with it! Will you be able to stop the shady machinations and restore balance between Earth and the Xenoverse, whose unbreakable bond is rooted in the past?

Game Name: Pokemon Xenoverse
Author name: WEEDle
Release year: 2016
Platform: RPG Maker XP
Language: Italian


Pokemon Xenoverse Download has a really well-written story and the tone is quite different from the other official and fan-made Pokémon titles. Both the story and the events are well thought out. You’ll be surprised how your starter Pokémon are linked to the story and how it changes form. The narration is designed to surprise you in all sorts of ways. While the story is a bit more dramatic, it’s appropriate for adults as well as the Pokémon gaming age group. Also Try Pokemon Jade.

Explore the huge world

Up to 14 different cities are waiting to be discovered by you in Pokemon Xenoverse Download. Each of them has a special atmosphere, its own fauna and flora, and its own well-written story that will captivate you like in JRPG games. There are also many different locations to explore including forests, islands, ancient temples and more – you will be amazed.


Discover the 3 new Pokémon starters featuring Shyleon, the Leafy Grass Fairy Pokémon, Trishout, the Volcanic Fire Clay Pokémon, and Shulong, the Aquatic Water Dragon Pokémon. Also try pokemon fusion 3.

Lots of new Pokémon

The Pokemon Xenoverse Download Pokedex contains more than 463 Pokémon, including 29 new X-species Pokémon, 269 new Pokémon, and 165 retro Pokémon.

The Legendary Pokémon: Catch all Legendary Pokémon from the Pokémon series titles, including Luxflon, Dielebi, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Deoxys, Heatran, Cresselia, Darkrai, Genesect, Marshadow, MegaRaikou, MegaEntei, and MegaSuicune.

A New Pokémon Type

Pokemon Xenoverse Download introduces a brand new Pokémon type that can also be part of a mixed type: the Clay type.

The X Species

The Pokémon of the species X come from another dimension and can be listed in the XenoDex. The Xenoverse Universe includes over 20 new Xenoverse Pokémon.

PokeDex, XenoDex, RetroDex: You will use 3 types of Dex included in the Pokedex: the Eldiw Regional Pokédex, the XenoDex, and the RetroDex. The regional Pokédex Eldiw lists all new Pokémon living in Eldiw, the XenoDex lists all Pokémon from the Xenoverse dimension, and the RetroDex lists all Pokémon from the previous generations in a retro graphic style. try also Pokemon Gaia.

Lots of goals

You can see all available goals in your PokeWES. Completing most of them will earn you the Platinum Xenoverse. The objectives are unlocked when you catch at least the first 389 Pokémon on the list.

Handy Porygon Center: Thanks to this portable Pokémon Center, you can heal your Pokémon or use the save system whenever you want.


There are several ways your Pokémon can evolve. Some evolve once they reach a certain level, others only evolve into a certain form under certain conditions, e.g. B. leveling up with enough Affection, possessing a tool, leveling up at a specific location, mastering a move, or possessing an Evolution Stone. There are many Pokémon evolutions to discover.

New PokeWES

Remember HM Slaves? Those Pokemon that know certain HMs so you can fly or surf? With the new Wide Exploration System, that’s over.

There is much more to discover: I leave it to you to discover all the rest of the features and surprises that the game offers you. The team has really done an amazing amount of work and it deserves to be experienced. Finally, a little teaser: brand new mega evolutions, minigames, festivities and a rich post-game.

There’s more to come

Although the game has already been released, the team seems to be working on it and adding more content over time.

graphics and sound

Team WEEDle did a great job on the graphics and created a beautiful, coherent and unique world in the Game Boy Advance style of graphics. The game uses a combination of elements taken from various official Pokémon titles and elements created by the development team themselves. The most amazing thing is that the result is seamless. The game uses Generation 6 sprites for the character portraits of the characters you encounter and for the out-of-combat Pokémon menu graphics. Also, 5th generation sprites are used for the overworld and the animated battle sprites. Last but not least, the developers created their own soundtrack from scratch, which is simply wonderful.


Is Pokemon Xenoverse real?

Yes, it is a real game.
It is still in the alpha stage, but it has a lot of potential to be fun and enjoyable for all players – even if you are not into Pokemon at all!

Is Pokemon Xenoverse Download in English?

Yes, it is available in English Language.

Does Pokemon Xenoverse Download have mega evolutions?

After two years, yes , Pokemon Xenoverse has mega evolutions available in-game.

Where can I find Eevee in Xenoverse?

You can find Eevee in a cave near Lumiose City.

Is Pokemon X on Nintendo Switch?

No, this title is not currently available for the Nintedo Switch platform. It can only be played on a PC or Mac with Windows Vista and higher operating system versions using an emulator such as Citra.

Is Pokemon Xenoverse for boys?

It is not just a game made for boys. There are female trainers in the game, so it’s up to you! You can either play as a boy or girl trainer (but be aware that there will be some differences). It never hurts to try something new and different – even if it ‘s still an alpha version of the game.

Is Pokemon Xenoverse free?

Yes, it’s completely free. There is no cost involved with downloading or playing this game whatsoever.

pokemon xenoverse download for android :

Pokemon Fan Games are now available to play on an Android smartphone. The easiest way to access them is through something called a video game emulator or interpreter, almost like an emulator. To be specific, you’ll need one known as JoiPlay.

What's new

Some amazing new features in Pokemon Xenoverse Download: Below is a list of all the amazing features Pokemon Xenoverse has to offer:

  • All new areas and more than 500 different Pokemon.
  • An exciting storyline with a lot of potential!
  • A wonderful soundtrack that atmospherically underscores every scene in this game.
  • Customizable parties, which are very important when trying to complete your journey through Kanto as quickly or as slowly as possible.
  • This is one of those games that you can take all day without worrying about time limits!