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Pokemon Jade a fangame created by Pepperton and rpgfaker with RPG Maker XP and the Pokemon Essentials Engine.
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Pokemon Jade a fangame created by Pepperton and rpgfaker with RPG Maker XP and the Pokemon Essentials Engine.

Pokemon Jade Download The Full Version (Completed)

Download Pokemon Jade RPG Maker XP Fan Game

Game Name: Pokemon Jade Version
Platform: RPG/ RMXP/PC
Status: Beta Version
Language: English


Hello, everyone! My brother and I have been working on Pokemon Jade for a few months now and I’d like to start sharing our progress publicly ahead of release. I’ve dabbled in the world of Pokemon fangame development a few times, but until this project I’ve never managed to do anything I’m proud of. I set out to make a Pokemon game that I would love to play myself – a game with interesting and unique Fakemon, traditional Pokemon mechanics, and an engaging story that drives the gameplay. That’s how far I’ve gotten so far and I hope you enjoy what we can offer you. Also Try Pokemon Xenoverse.


Team Wild is a group of rebellious bandits mainly based in the Goldwhite Desert in eastern Ario. You are constantly looking for something, but it is not easy to see what. The player only gradually learns what Team Wild’s plan is and what they are looking for.

It seems that deep within the ruins of the Golden White Desert lies an extremely powerful and mysterious legendary Pokemon. The only way to encounter this Pokemon is to use a key hidden somewhere in Ario’s Mystery. There are several puzzles scattered throughout the region which, if solved and pieced together, will lead to the key needed to unleash this beast. Also Try Pokemon Adventures Special Chapter.

Team Wild’s leader wants to capture this legendary Pokemon because it has the amazing ability to erase the minds of entire peoples. The leader wants to use this ability to erase the Pokemon world’s memory of how Pokemon should be treated, and then create a new society where Pokemon will be viewed as currency and a kind of slave. As the owner of the rarest and most unique Pokemon in all of Ario, the legendary Pokemon, he can rise to the top of the rankings in this new society, becoming the undisputed dictator of Ario. It’s up to you to stop Team Wild from realizing this terrifying reality!


  • 125 New Pokemon – The Ario region is inhabited only by Pokemon native to beautiful Australia. You’ll find plenty of new faces to befriend in this tropical region! The number can still change, it can be more or less.
  • 8 Gyms, Elite Four and a Champion – This game follows the traditional system, but don’t worry, every Gyms leader will come up with interesting puzzles and challenges abound!
  • All-New Region – Ario is unlike any other region in the original Pokemon games. It features multiple climate zones and atmospheres that keep gameplay fresh.
  • Custom UI – Several gameplay mechanics will be overhauled and given a new, custom UI.
  • And much more! – The game has been in development for about six months and there is still a lot to do. So expect this list to keep growing over time!

Pokemon Jade Fakemon

There are 125 new Pokemon in the Ario region, and it’s up to you to catch them all!



Is the Pokemon Jade game finished?

Yes. Any release with the versioning 3.x and up is complete.

When will the Pokemon Jade be finished?

It was finished and released on December 1, 2020.

What OS is this compatible with?

Windows only.

Is there a mobile version/can I play on iOS/Android/Pixel?


I have a save-file from a previous beta. Do I have to start over?

no As long as you’re using the same computer you played a previous beta version on, all you have to do is download the latest version and run the .exe file. The game should automatically take over your save file. If you want to check that, you can do it like this:
Step 1) Navigate to C:\Users\\Saved Games\Pokemon Jade\
Step 2) Look for a Game.rxdata file.
If there is one, you’re good to go. If not, you’re either using a different computer than the previous beta, or something went wrong saving your game (very unlikely).
Note: Even if you are playing on another computer and want to continue with your old save file, simply move the C:\Users\\Saved Games\Pokemon Jade\ folder containing the Game.rxdata file to the Saved Games folder of your new computer located in the same place.

Are there plans to update the Pokemon Jade again?

There are plans to add shiny sprites for all Pokemon and continue to polish/revamp/redesign various assets. However, no content updates are expected in the near future. There is a possibility that the post-game will be expanded at some point, similar to the SwSh DLC updates (although in this case it would be, of course, free). For updates on this potential post-game update, check the Discord or our Twitter.

Can I catch all 125 Pokemon?


Where do I get Rock Smash?

After defeating the 2nd gym, on your way to the next route, you should see your rival in the middle of the street. They will give you Rock Smash.


  • rpgfaker – Lots of sprite/artwork, game design, ideation, concepts, help with coding
  • Maruno, poccil, Flameguru – Pokemon Essentials engine
  • Apple Juice – Several Pokemon concepts
  • Magiscarf – Tiles, pokemon trainer base templates, VS sprites
  • Newtiteuf – OW base template
  • Killerkitty4 – Female trainer backsprite template
  • PurpleZaffre – Pokemon Breeder OW sprites
  • princess-phoenix – Various tiles
  • WesleyFG – Various tiles
  • LotusKing – Various tiles
  • chaoticcherrycake – Various tiles
  • Ultimo-Spriter-D – Various tiles
  • PeekyChew – Various tiles
  • Moontik – Various tiles
  • Momokahimari – Trainer front sprite base templates
  • Thexicer – Trainer front sprite base templates
  • PkmnAlexandrite – Day-Care house tile
  • Kyle-Dove – Various tiles
  • donlawride – Various tiles
  • clara-wah – Various tiles
  • zetavares852 – Various tiles
  • ThatsSoWitty – Various tiles
  • speeddialga – Various tiles
  • Pokemon-Diamond – Various tiles
  • Kizamaru-Kurunosuke – Various tiles
  • Epic-Day – Various tiles
  • Thurpok – Various tiles
  • Dewitty – Various tiles
  • Minorthreat0897 – Various tiles
  • Heavy-Metal-Lover – Various tiles
  • kaitoooo – Various tiles
  • CrimsonTakai- Various tiles
  • BoomxBig – Various tiles
  • Alculus – Various tiles
  • Zeo-254 – Various tiles
  • TyranitarDark – Various tiles
  • Evolina – Various tiles
  • Phyromatical – Various tiles
  • Kaliser – Various tiles
  • spaceemotion – Various tiles
  • The-Red-eX – Various tiles