Pokemon Blazing Fire Red Download (GBA) Rom Hack

Alpha v2.3H

Download Pokemon Blazing Fire Red GBA ROM Hack by Zexlo based on Pokemon Fire Red. It was last updated on October 27, 2022.
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October 30, 2022
Alpha v2.3H

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Pokemon Blazing Fire Red GBA ROM Hack by Zexlo using Pokemon Fire Red Codebase/Engine in English. It is available to download now.

Download Pokemon Blazing Fire Red GBA ROM

Creator: Zexlo
Version: Alpha v2.3H
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: October 27, 2022

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It’s an open world game where you can choose the city where you start your journey, it has Pokemon starters up to 3rd generation, a physical/special split system, a day/night system and much more!


  • A whole new Rival!
  • Gym Leaders are rematchable, even stronger nomally.
  • Battle every Gym Leader in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn! (Every single Gym Leader can easily be added, but I would have to insert new Pokémon and the there wouldn’t be a 386 Hack, but i’ll take it into consideration.
  • Visit a little of Hoenn.
  • Wild Pokémon have been changed, large amaounts of different species can be found in one area.
  • All trainers edited…!
  • A little extention to Kanto! (Cities and Routes..)
  • Elite Four members have stronger teams all th way up to 80-100
  • National Dex available early in game!
  • All 386 Pokémon obtainable…
  • 8 More Gyms!
  • Media

Change list

  • Added new tiles and reworked some map designs to make them more varied and natural, and to offer new shortcuts for the player
  • The ability to run from the start
  • No tutorial on controls or gameplay
  • Adjusted the overworld sprites to better match the battle sprites
  • After defeating Brock you get an Exp Share instead of shoes
  • A new item has been added, a device that allows the player to relearn a Pokemon’s forgotten moves
  • More items can be found on the maps
  • The user interface has been refined and new colors have been added
  • Added motion split (patch)
  • Added colors for nature stats (patch)
  • Added BW2 repulsion system (patch)
  • The annoying flashbacks when loading a saved game have been removed (patch)
  • Fixed micro and tall grass animations and applied to grass tiles
  • Changed shine rate on Gen 6+ (patch)
  • You can now switch maps while flying
  • The fly icon is simpler and no longer blinks on the screen (looks nicer)
  • The Pokedex and Pokemon options in the start menu have switched to Gen 5+
  • Low HP sound no longer loops
  • More locations have been added to the map.
  • These are: Celedon Department Store, Silph Co., and the Pokemon League
  • Gatehouses and Pokemarkets now use the Mystery Gift theme
  • Wild Pokemon now use AI instead of randomly using movement (patch)
  • Coaching teams have EVs (patch)
  • Decapitalization (WIP)
  • Added floor number to dungeons/buildings that were previously missing
  • Viridian Forest now has a unique combat background
  • It’s raining in the lavender city now
  • Some locations have been renamed to be more specific e.g. Pokemon League is now called PKMN Indigo League
  • Fixed the Pokedex and Wandering Legendaries bugs (Patch)
  • There is a new map connecting the first 2 Sevii Islands (Hard WIP)
  • Dark Lair and Ruins of Alph remixes replace the duplicate songs used for Mount Ember and Tanoby ruins (both remixes are from my gold remake which is a work in progress)
  • Various text strings have been updated
  • Villages and towns in Kanto are now populated with Pokemon NPCs hanging out on rooftops or with people


  • RTC and day/night cycle
  • Daily events like shops, NPCs, and more
  • berry trees! They regrow one berry every day
  • Many more map improvements for a fresher look at Kanto
  • More Pokemon from Johto and Hoenn can be found
  • Mountain Moon Course by GSC!
  • Added clock for Pocket PC
  • A new options menu for the Pocket PC
  • Find shards while smashing rocks (Gen 4 mechanic)
  • The Safari Zone can be played without restrictions in the new Free Roam mode
  • New items, save and review your records for various things like eggs hatched, trees felled, etc.
  • New NPCs that can switch the ball your Pokemon are stored in
  • Advanced areas in Kanto such as the underground tunnels and Mount Moon
  • New traders in the underground tunnels
  • quests! Help the NPCs across Kanto and speak to the Questmaster in Pewter’s Pokemon Center for rewards (currently 3)
  • Route 5 and the four islands daycare centers have been swapped to allow for early game breeding
  • And many other minor changes!


  • Badge-based level scaling for trainers
  • Pocket PC has access to item and Pokemon storage systems
  • Map and text corrections
  • New items, Pewter Crunchies from Let’s Go
  • All movement tutors in Kanto can now teach an unlimited number of times!
  • Rebalanced level scaling
  • The gym forfait system is now active after the player gets 3 badges

Just back with a quick update for some people who might have missed the post or were waiting for a later date to play… Thanks to all of the people who joined the discord and starting reporting bugs, adding suggestions and overall, giving positive support for my FIRST attempt at releasing a hack and, frankly, hacking in general.

For the juicy information, since I last made the post (few days ago) lots has changed! We have managed to squish some of the small bugs in the game (none are game breaking but just wrong tiles, some improper movements etc).

Useful Stuff : Pokemon Fire Red Cheats


Firstly, Magmortar has been added. It is evolved with a custom Item called the Magmarizer – Magmar has a 5% chance of holding this when captured.

Pokemon Blazing Fire Red

We also have a variation for Dunsparce and will be adding an evolution in the future, similar to the Gyrados line (useless to raid boss). Here is the man, the myth and the legend himself.

Pokemon Blazing Fire Red


As you can clearly see, Battle backgrounds have also been added. This is pretty limited in this rom hack and I am not going to the change the system as I need to research it a LOT more before I attempt it again. The grass one is replicated in Field and Long Grass scenarios, but there are different animations at the beginning.


Did you notice that above? That’s right… There are a couple more legendaries added so far and there will be more in the future. Rather than list them, I will post some more pictures as everyone loves them …


All in all, this is a really fun experience trying to learn Rom Hacking and I am glad I can share this adventure with other people! Thank you so much to all the people that have joined and reported issues and given suggestions, it really does mean a lot 🙂 Here is the link for anyone new wanting to come along! Thanks.

Credits : Zexlo

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