Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom Hacks Download (Latest Versions)

Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are 2012 Role-Playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom Hacks
Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom Hacks

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 follows the journey of a Pokémon trainer who aims to become Unova’s Pokémon Champion, two years after the events of Black and White. Following the events of the predecessors, the criminal organization Team Plasma returns as Neo Team Plasma, and the player must thwart their plans throughout the story and prevent them from dominating the world.

The games also include new features such as the key system, hidden lairs, new cities, and newly available Pokémon. As with other main series Pokémon games, players must trade between versions to complete the Pokédex.

1- Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom NDS

Download Pokemon Black Version 2

Pokemon Black Version 2 ROM Free Download For Nintendo DS Emulator. Pokemon Black Version 2 ROM was released in 2012 with Pokemon White 2 Version ROM. It is the most updated version of Pokemon Black Version ROM to be released in 2011. It was released internationally in all regions. The game’s original release date was June 23, 2012 for Japan. We share US English version of Pokemon Black ROM 2 for NDS. You can download the ROM directly from the download link below. The Nintendo DS emulator is absolutely necessary to play this game because the game was available for Nintendo DS consoles. There are various new features are added in this version of Pokemon.

2- Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux Rom

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux Rom

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux Rom Download is an NDS ROM Hack by AphexCubed & Dryano based on Pokemon Black 2. And it’s available for download now. It was last updated on March 27, 2022.

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux Info :

Creators: AphexCubed & Drayano
Version: Completed v1.0.1
Hack by: Black 2
Updated on: March 27, 2022

3- Pokemon Moon Black Rom Hack

Pokemon Moon Black Rom Hack

You are League Champion and won the final challenge on Hooray Island. You have received permission from Prof. Kukui to travel to the Unova region to test your knowledge of Alola. You and your rival Gladion will choose a new starter Pokemon and embark on another journey to the Unova region.

Eventually you’ll meet Team Skull paving the way for you, and a lot of things will happen along the way. Once you’ve defeated the Unova Master, you can enter the PWT Regional Tournament as a representative of the Alola region.

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Info :

Creators: JrFort & Aster
Hack by: Black 2
Version: Beta 4.2.2
Updated on: April 4, 2022

4- Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Rom Hack

Pokemon Blaze Black 2

Have you played the Pokemon Black and White version, if so then do you see some similarities in Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Rom as well? Some of the features and storyline facts are somewhat apt with the Pokemon Black and White games. All the gameplay was done in one of the interesting region called Unova which is ready to be explored. Get pokemon infinite fusion.

Pokemon Blaze Black 2 GBA Rom Info

Creator: Drayano
Version: Completed
Hack by: Black 2