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Pokemon White 2 Randomizer is the new game that is a remake of the Pokemon White 2 Version.
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Download Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer NDS Rom, as the name suggests, is a randomized version of the original Pokemon White 2.

Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer

Pokemon White 2 Extreme Randomizer NDS ROM Download

Version: Completed
Updated: July 29, 2022


The game’s plot is the same as the original as it’s just a randomized version of the original Pokémon White 2. The events of Pokémon White are set in the games two years later. During this time many changes have taken place in Unova: new locations in the south-west and north-east of the region are now accessible, while some existing locations cannot be visited or will be restricted later in the game. Three new gym leaders and a new champion are introduced, and like Pokémon Platinum, the Unova Pokédex is expanded to include Pokémon from other regions.

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Features of Pokemon White 2 Randomizer

  • In Pokemon White 2 Randomizer, players have to compete against each other to become the champion of the Pokemon League.
  • Players who wish to play can either play through the game’s story mode.
  • You can also use the Randomizer mode to change the game’s story.
  • There are many things that players can change such as: B. the appearance of characters and enemies.
  • There’s a random map, Pokemon, and more to explore.
  • It is addicting to players of all ages.
  • You can also choose Pokemon trainer team.
  • The game features a new random number generator system that changes game elements such as Pokemon, abilities, types and more.


Note: These Pokemon ROMs are pre-randomized, starting a new game will NOT re-randomize the game, if you don’t like how the game is randomized then try another of the downloads button. Have fun!