Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina GBA Download

Alpha 2.1.5 Hotfix 2.6.7

Download Pokemon Dark Cry The Legend of Giratina GBA roms Latest Version for emulator, free play on PC & Android , Ios.
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Alpha 2.1.5 Hotfix 2.6.7
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Download Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina GBA rom Latest Version for emulator, free play on PC & Android , Ios. Pokemon Dark Cry : The Legend of Giratina. Just to be clear, this game has nothing to do with Dark Rising or Giratina Strikes Back games. This game is a FireRed hack with an original story and some interesting features.

Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina

Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina GBA Rom Hack Gameplay Walkthrough

Creator: mitchel1
Version: Alpha 2.1.5 Hotfix 2.6.7
Hack by: FeuerRot
Updated on: July 19, 2020


You wake up and find yourself in a cave and everything is black and white. You see two people standing at a dark altar and talking over a “shadow panel”. You reach for your Pokemon, but they aren’t there. Then you see a man with an “R” on his shirt. You try to stop him, but he just walks past you. The man performs a strange ritual, and then there is a big earthquake, and a huge shadow comes towards you! You wake up and realize it was just a dream. You get out of bed, look at the clock and realize you’re too late to choose your first Pokemon. Later you realize that your dream will come true…

You wake up and realize it was all just a dream. You got out of bed, looked at your watch and realized you were late to pick up your first Pokemon. Later you realize that your dream has come true!

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Pokemon Dark Cry Characteristics

The first obvious feature is the game’s altered sprites, which set the game apart from other GBA ROM hacks. The player can explore the Trion region in all its glory.

It’s a little unclear what the Pokemon list is, but it’s probably around Gen 3 or maybe even more. There are also some Fakemon that can be deployed. The scripts have also been improved, and finally, this hack is a little harder in difficulty, but not as ruthless.


New Region – Trion
Pokepaper, your daily news source
Lots of side quests and minigames
Automatic trainer level increase
Daily missions are available
Be good or bad
Brand new trainer sprites
A few more hidden cards
New graphical additions

Hacksrepairman’s version

Fixed tiles
Adds unfinished features like climbing boots
The four legendary Fakemon: Regiwater, Regighost, Regifire and Pendular
The rest of the region (based on the world map)
The Gyms (based on badges)
Some events (to make the game less empty)
Some Legendaries are catchable after defeating the League

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What is Pokemon dark cry?

Pokemon DarkCry is a hacked version of Pokemon FireRed that mainly features Sinnoh Pokemon and is considered to be one of the most successful hacks of the original Pokemon games. Team Rocket features heavily in the DarkCry version as one of the series’ most iconic antagonists.

Which Pokemon GBA ROM hack is the best?

Pokemon GS Chronicles is often considered the best of the best Pokemon GBA ROM hacks. Based on Gold and Silver, this version is basically a more elaborate edition of the original adventures with exciting new features.

What is Pokemon Prism?

Pokémon Prism is a Pokémon Crystal ROM hack (previously a Pokémon Gold ROM hack) created by Koolboyman. The action takes place in the region of Naljo. The game is a sequel to Pokémon Brown, and the player can travel to Rijon for a second quest.

Pokemon Dark Cry Credits

Mitchel1, Mindfreak, Moebius, >Dante<, Morris, Black Charizard, Aero, hacksrepairman, jiangzhengwenjzw.

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