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Pokemon Sky Twilight is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed Codebase/Engine in English.
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Pokemon Sky Twilight is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed Codebase/Engine in English. It is available to download now.

Pokemon Sky Twilight

Pokemon Sky Twilight is one of the best Pokemon Hacks currently in PokeCommunity. It’s the second hack of its author, he tried his best to make this game as good as possible.

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Download Pokemon Sky Twilight GBA Rom

Creator: Luxio//Hacks
Release: Beta 3.0
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: June 17, 2018


The Crocus region is one of the most popular regions in the Pokemon world, with a great variety of Pokemon! There’s a very rare Pokemon called Noivern that was kidnapped by a couple of rough, unacceptable guys known as Team Voltage. They kidnap the rarest Pokemon and use them for their own ends, such as criminal ones. They also want to steal energy so they can achieve a Pokemon forcing Mega Evolve. Also Try Pokemon Fusion Download Free ANDROID, IOS & PC GBA Emulator.

Today there is a person living in a local area called Begonia Village. A person who wants to start their journey and become the best Pokemon trainer they can be. Catch new Pokemon and fight against other trainers. She is also said to earn Gym Badges and defeat the Elite Four. That person is you, of course. You’re the one who defeats Team Volt and discovers secrets. The important thing is that you are the hero.


  • All 721 Pokemon are available in this region. Wow, 721 beings in total. Think how long it will take you to catch them all, huh?
  • Some moves – items – skills are from Gen IV – Gen VI.
  • All texts are now decapitalized.
  • You can use Mega Evolution for your Pokemon. Plus, you can customize them your way.
  • Many Pokemon’s sprites have been updated. Maybe coaches too.
  • New type fairy from Gen VI.
  • The EXP capture system is available. You can have exp after catching a Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Black & White’s repel system is also here. You don’t have to open the bag as often anymore.
  • The soundtracks have been replaced with the Heart Gold/Soul Silver soundtracks. This music is really good.
  • New tiles in this game. The graphics are as good as can be with some ruby/sapphire/emerald tiles.



Luxio//Hacks, Chaos Rush, MrDollSteak, Versekr Dark, thedarkdargon11, NinjaFlunkout, Wichu, LU-, HackMew, score_under, karatekid552, Kurapika, itari, CaptainDumbChester, ZodiacDaGreat, kidkatt, locksmitharmy, D-Trogh, link12552, Spherical Ice, diegoisawesome, FBI/Pokemon_XY, -DaniilS, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, KDS, Aruaru

What's new


There are at least 18 Pokemon and Mega Evolutions may have seen the same scream due to using G3HS to expand Pokemon, but if someone fix it for me your username will be in the credit list.
The city map has been revised, but it can still appear buggy and incomplete (because I forgot one of the villages in the game - sorry, but I did my best).
When you fight against the bosses of the gyms, the battle screen got a bit buggy as well.

If other bugs or glitches, please report.