Pokémon UNITE Free Download For Nintendo Switch, Pc and Mobile (Android-IOS)


Pokémon UNITE is a multiplayer strategy and fighting game available to Download on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices ,PC (Emulator).
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Pokémon UNITE is a multiplayer strategy and fighting game available to Download on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices ,PC (Emulator). Pokémon UNITE will be free-to-start. Two teams of 5 players each compete to score as many points as possible in the opposing team’s bases. Defeat wild Pokémon and level up to evolve your Pokémon during the game and finally, eliminate your opponents by strategizing with your teammates!

Pokémon UNITE Free Download For Nintendo Switch, Pc and Mobile

Pokémon UNITE Game Info :

  • Release date : July 21, 2021
  • Genre : Action
  • Publisher : The Pokémon Company
  • Supported play modes : TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
  • Game file size : 397MB
  • Supported languages : English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Game intro :

Join Trainers from around the world as they head to the island of Aeos to compete in Unite Battles! In Unite Battles, trainers compete in 5v5 team battles to see who can score the most points in the allotted time. Teamwork is key as you and your teammates defeat wild Pokémon, level up and evolve your partner Pokémon, and eliminate the opposing team’s Pokémon to prevent them from scoring points. Put your teamwork to the test and take home the victory!

  • FIGHT IN STYLE: Fight on the field while looking good in holowear! Thanks to a special technology developed using Aeos Energy, Trainers can outfit their Pokémon in a variety of holographic outfits – and new models are being added regularly!
  • UNITE MOVES: Unleash the true power of your Pokémon with Unite Moves! Use these brand new Pokémon moves, only possible in Unite battles, and turn the tide in even the worst of situations.
  • RANK UP: Want to prove how good you are? Take part in ranked battles and earn points as you climb the global leaderboard!
  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Even the most seasoned coaches know how important communication is to their team’s success. Use signals, quick chat messages, and—for the first time in a Pokémon title—voice chat to communicate and keep in touch with your team.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY: Play with trainers around the world on the Nintendo Switch™ system or on a compatible smartphone thanks to cross-platform support. Trainers can use their Pokémon Trainer Club Account or Nintendo Account on both Nintendo Switch and mobile to sync their progress between devices.


Your favorite Pokémon are ready to fight with powerful attacks and special abilities.
Which Pokémon will you go into battle with?

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Test your mettle with this melee all-rounder on the island of Aeos. Scizor is ready to Bullet Punch through the competition in Pokémon UNITE.

Jump in and confuse your opponent with a series of copies. Whether you deal explosive damage or hinder your opponent depends on who you’re fighting – Scyther or Scizor. At the end of Scyther’s unit action, Green Illusion Dive, each copy returns to Scyther for bonus damage. At the end of Scizor’s Red Illusion Dive unit action, Scizor can grab an opponent and run through a copy, incapacitating the opponent. Choose wise!

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Prove three heads are better than one with this speedy speedster coming to the island of Aeos. Dodrio is ready to pick apart the competition in Pokémon UNITE.

Start a stampede with Dodrio’s unite move, triple trample. Dodrio becomes immune to obstacles and runs to a specific location with unstoppable power. When Dodrio hits an enemy, it damages them and throws them up into the air.

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Outsmart the competition with this tricky ranged attacker on the island of Aeos. Mew is ready to confuse the competition with a plethora of moves in Pokémon UNITE!

Confuse and elude your opponents with Mew’s unite move, Mystic Deception. Mew floats up and becomes invincible, covering all nearby friendly Pokémon in stealth and dealing damage in the area of effect.

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Charge into combat with this tyrannical melee all-rounder ready to rock the Isle of Aeos. Experience Tyranitar’s ancient power and crush the competition in Pokémon UNITE.

Make your way to the top with Tyranitar’s unite move, Tyrannical Tantrum. Tyranitar explodes with rage and rampages, increasing movement speed and gaining obstacle resistance. As Tyranitar rampages, its basic attacks will quiver and deal more damage – and if a Pokemon on the opposing team is hit by these basic attacks when it’s low on HP, it’ll be knocked out immediately!

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Take on the competition with this awesome melee all-rounder that’s a hit on the island of Aeos. Buzzwole is ready to flex his muscles and take on the competition in Pokémon UNITE.

Flex your muscles and beat the competition with Buzzwole’s unite move, Ultra Swole Slam. Buzzwole flies into the sky at high speed, damaging all enemy Pokémon in the area before targeting the enemy Pokémon with the lowest HP percentage among those hit and pouncing on it for extra damage.

Credit : The Pokémon Company


Conquer the Glacial Tier with this ice-footed ranged attacker and leave your opponents in the diamond dust. Glaceon is ready to dance and prance with ice crystals in Pokémon UNITE.

Steal the spotlight with Glaceon’s Unite attack, Ice Stage. This freezing attack creates a diamond-shaped zone that damages all enemies and reduces their movement speed while increasing Glaceon’s movement speed and Ice Crystals.

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Pokémon UNITE Free Download For Nintendo Switch, Pc and Mobile (Android-IOS)

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  • The island of Aeos is imbued with a powerful energy that empowers Pokémon and grants them enhanced abilities.
  • Pokémon Trainers from all over the world come here to harness the power of Aeos Energy in exciting battles.
  • Before the battle, each player chooses a Pokémon. Each Pokémon has its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • During each battle, the Pokémon will grow enormously and even temporarily evolve!


The player chooses the moves their Pokémon can learn and the items they carry in battle.

As the battle progresses, the Pokémon become stronger and learn a variety of new moves. Practice and discover which moves best suit your playstyle!


in Pokémon UNITE You can get the most out of your Pokémon by giving it up to three items to hold. There are over 15 types of held items, so find a combination that best complements your Pokémon’s moves.


Trainers can support their Pokémon during battles by using Battle Items.

During battle, players defeat wild Pokémon or opposing Pokémon and collect the Aeos Energy they drop.

Players then use this Aeos Energy in one of the opposing goal zones to score points for their team. At the end of the battle, the team with the most points wins!

Work with your teammates to score points and defend your goal zones to limit your opponents’ chances of scoring.


Keep fighting to earn in-game rewards that unlock more Pokémon, as well as outfits for your trainer and holowear for your Pokémon.

in Pokémon UNITE You can also unlock rewards with Aeos Gems, which you can purchase with real money.



Fight on the field while doing your best in Holowear! Thanks to a special technology developed using Aeos Energy, Trainers can outfit their Pokémon in a variety of holographic outfits – and new models are being added regularly!

Check out some of the holowear that will be available at launch!

Pokémon UNITE Free Download


  • A Pokémon Boost Emblem Tutorial will be conducted once for Trainers level 6 and above who do not already have Pokémon Boost Emblems in their Emblem Dex. Pokémon Boost Emblems will be given out with this tutorial. For Trainers whose accounts were created on or before 7/21/2022, these Boost Emblems have already been distributed. Please note that completing the tutorial will not affect your Boost Emblems if your account was created on or before this date.
  • Shop Updates
  • bug fixes
  • Text bug fixes
  • If the app has not yet been updated on your device, please restart it to install this update.

Changes have been made to some Pokémon stats and moves to improve the balance of Unite Battles.