POKEMON SHINOBI Downlaod Pc or Android For Free (Version 2)

Beta 2

Pokémon Shinobi Fangame in development made with RPG Maker Begin your Pokémon adventure in the shinobi universe.
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Beta 2

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Download Pokemon Shinobi in English is a NEW NARUTO RPGXP Pokemon Fan Game by Degel You can play on PC or Android through Joiplay! You are a trainer who looks like Mitsuki. Your rivals are Boruto and Sarada!

POKEMON SHINOBI Downlaod for Pc or Android (Version 2)

Pokemon Shinobi RPGXP Download for pc or android

Creator: Degel
Platform: RMXP
Release: Beta 2
Updated August 17, 2022

Your starter is a fakemon and you can catch pokemon up to the 8th generation. And more features such as a mission system, new story, more gyms, new background music, and more…

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  • Pokemon Shinobi is a new variant of the popular game Pokemon.
  • Players can choose one of three characters – Ninja Pikachu, Samurai Charizard or Super Spy Snorlax – and enter the world of Inazuma Eleven GO! explore.
  • The unique battle system allows players to command their own team of Pokemon in battle and use special moves to defeat opponents.
  • The game is expected to release at the end of September, so keep an eye out for it!


Unzip the file on your computer. Inside the folder, open the “Game.exe” and play!

(If the Game.exe gives you an error when you play due to incompatibilities, change the Game.exe to GameOld.exe and rename it to Game.exe)

You cannot use the game from the previous beta, you have to start a new one.

It is not game over. The adventure lasts 4 medals and several secondary missions.

*To update the version, you have to download the new version, copy the files from the SAVE folder of the old one and paste them in the SAVE folder of the new one.


  • 09/04. Some regional forms no longer give an error when remembering moves.
  • 04/10. You can now talk to the Teinei Town Bug Catcher.
  • Some spelling mistakes corrected.
  • 11/04. Improvements in the Teleport and interface of movs thanks to Bezier.
  • Various optimizations.
  • 04/13. Balance of the contour line.
  • 04/21. Fixed Uchiha Hideout transitions.
  • Some spelling mistakes corrected.