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Download Pokemon Phoenix Rising free, fan-made, episodic Pokémon RPG that is being developed using RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials engine.
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Pokemon Phoenix Rising is a free, fan-made, episodic Pokémon RPG that is being developed using RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials engine. Set in a new region called “Hawthorne,” the game will feature changes to the original main series Pokémon formula to include a more traditional RPG theme as well as many new features.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download

Pokemon Phoenix Rising NDS ROM Download

The game itself can only be played on PC as you can download and install it directly. You don’t need to install an emulator to run the game.

Note: The game cannot be played on Android even if used with Joiplay.


The story in Pokemon Phoenix Rising is ​​a little unique and doesn’t follow the usual games where you fight against trainers and gym leaders to become the champion of the region.

It follows a standard RPG element about your character going on an adventure to save the world, but with Pokemon elements.

You take part in a war where the usual villain seeks world domination. Your task is to unite the Council of Oracles to prevent such a catastrophe, with the story unfolding naturally.

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Pokemon Phoenix Rising Features

One of the features we mentioned earlier is that you can play the story like a regular RPG. You can still catch and collect numerous Pokemon because the game doesn’t limit you if you want to stray from the story. As in any RPG, you can accept quests, complete them, and claim your rewards.

There are also skill trees that you can unlock and learn, allowing you to use talents later. Pokemon Phoenix Rising also gives you the opportunity to make decisions that can later affect the course of the story.

Also, the PokeStrap is an important item in the game. It can contain numerous apps that you can use in Pokemon Rising Phoenix.

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Features List

  • Having new Pokemon Characters.
  • PokeStrap.
  • New forms and Mega Evolutions are part of the game.
  • Gameplay is enhanced and choose.
  • Region name is Hawthrone.
  • New Maps and Environment.
  • Having new Skill Trees.
  • You can customize different characters.
  • Quest System present.
  • You can save files in multiple modes.



Pokemon Phoenix Rising Characters

Just some of the characters you’ll meet in Episode One of Phoenix Rising.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Characters


Perrin, a new friend you meet on your journey, is a drifter with a penchant for exploration and self-exploration. Polite society and traditional upbringing are obstacles for them, and they feel most at home in the great outdoors, surrounded by unfamiliar flora and fauna. They enjoy travelling, cooking their own meals and setting up camp, and it is easiest for them to travel unaccompanied. Perrin values her independence from society.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Characters


Another character you meet as you travel through Hawthorne. Lin is a single resident of Sonata Town who is still suffering from the tragic loss of her sister a few years ago. When the player first meets Lin, they have an interesting encounter that lays the foundation for a friendship that never borders on rivalry. As a recurring character, Lin brings some fun stories and new perspectives on various events that make the player’s journey much healthier.

Pokemon Phoenix Rising Characters


Regan is a member of the Council of Hawthorne, an oracle of great strength. She uses Dragon-type Pokémon with tremendous effectiveness. Regan grew up in Cornell City, a city that now idolizes its former citizen. Growing up surrounded by mountains and rugged terrain, Regan has developed a sense of place and a vital streak. She feels related to powerful, misunderstood Pokémon as she is a loner herself.