Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis (GBC) Download

Jan 9, 2021 Demo (7 Gyms)

Black and White 3: Genesis is a hack of Pokemon Crystal Version. This is the hack that was previously known as Untitled Unova Game. This game is currently still in development, and the patch included in this thread is a demo, which goes up through the 7th Gym.
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Jan 9, 2021 Demo (7 Gyms)

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Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis is intended as another sequel to Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 versions. It takes place in Unova, about 5 years after the events of B2/W2. In this game, you play as a young trainer from Humilau City and embark on a journey across the region to catch Pokemon, collect gym badges, and thwart the plans of a mysterious group claiming to be Team Plasma, a terrorist group , which is said to have disbanded years ago.

Download Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis GBC Rom

Creator: Azure_Keys
Version: Jan 9, 2021 Demo (7 Gyms)
Hack by: Crystal
Updated on: January 9, 2021

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The Pokemon Black and White 3 story is an unofficial sequel to Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. Your character is a young trainer from Humilau City who sets out to create his own story in Unova and beyond, while threats like Team Plasma fall by the wayside.


At the moment there are only 7 Gyms as the game is still in development. There are around 255 Pokemon to catch at the moment, with the list expanding to Gen 5, although not all are there yet.

Trading Evolution Stones is no longer necessary, and certain Evolution Stones are used to evolve them. There is also a feature where reusable repels and running shoes are added at the beginning of the game.

List of Features

  • 253 Pokemon selected from the first 5 generations
  • 255 trains from the first 5 generations
  • Breakdown of moves into physical/special
  • The strength of the trains has been adjusted to the values ​​​​of Generation 5
  • Added fairy type and adjusted type table accordingly
  • Various items from newer games
  • Reusable TMs
  • Trade evolutions changed to normal level up, level up with item, or stone evolutions
  • Reusable Repels



  • All Gen 3-5 Pokemon sprites from the COMBOY collection, plus one sprite by JaceDeane.
  • Custom map tiles by various artists including Rangi, PiaCarrot, Bloodless, Bees, JaceDeane, Morlock, Luna, and Azure_Keys.
  • Custom music composed by Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, FroggestSpirit, TriteHexagon, Regen and Azure_Keys.
  • Solo993, JaceDeane, and Azure_Keys custom trainer sprites.
  • Special thanks to the Pokecrystal Pret Community and their wiki tutorials.
  • Special thanks to Rangi’s PolishedMap and Tilemap Studio software.
  • Special thanks to Rangi, FIQ, Luna, Bloodless, and many others for programming help and general support.

It is recommended to play this Pokemon Black and White 3 Genesis using BGB. DO NOT use VBA, some of the music will not play correctly, and various other glitches may occur.