Pokemon Prism GBC ROM Download

0.94 Build 0237

Pokemon Prism GBC For Gameboy Color Rom Hack based on Pokemon Prism. And it’s now available for download.
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0.94 Build 0237

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Pokemon Prism GBC For Gameboy Color Rom Hack based on Pokemon Prism. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Prism GBC ROM Download

Pokemon Prism GBC Rom Download Pre-Patched

Creator: Koolboyman
Version: Version 0.94 Build 0237
Hack of: Crystal
Updated: July 18, 2020

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Prism is a Pokemon Crystal based game with hundreds of customizations and new features that only work on Game Boy Color supported emulators. Pokemon Prism is considered complete.

Prism received hundreds of positive player reviews, but due to some circumstances development of the game stopped a few months ago.

But now it’s back, and the developers are actively working to improve the game by adding new features, new regions, challenges, stories, and fixing bugs. Play the old Game Boy Color with a unique experience with Pokemon Prism, play the game now.


  • New region of Naljo (larger than Johto)
  • Return of the Rijon region
  • 252 Pokemon to find across all four generations
  • New music
  • New Types: Fairy, Gas and Sound
  • New TM/HM set
  • Gold token system – save them and get something good. Can you find all 80 of them?
  • Four crafting skills
  • Side scrolling areas
  • New minigames

change list

  • The rapids of the Magikarp Caverns can now be entered with up to 35 items in your luggage
  • Evolution items now correctly determine whether a Pokemon can evolve through gendered evolutions
  • All QR codes have been corrected
  • The Gas-type is now resistant to Ground and Fairy-type moves, no longer resists Bug-type moves, is no longer weak to Ice-type and Sonic-type moves, and is now weak to Electric-type moves
  • Ghost-type no longer resists Gas-type moves
  • Normal type no longer resists Sonic type moves
  • Psychic-type is no longer weak to Sonic-type moves
  • Sonic-type is no longer weak against Normal-type moves
  • Water-type is now weak to Sonic-type moves
  • Mew and Varaneous can now learn all sorts of TM and HM moves.
  • Rampardos can now learn Body Slam via TM
  • Slowking can now learn cooking via TM
  • Crobat can now learn Cosmic Power via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Crystal Bolt via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Defense Curl via TM
  • Onix can now learn Dragon’s Breath via TM
  • Mamoswine can now learn Dust Devil via TM
  • Dusknoir and Fambaco can now learn DynamicPunch via TM
  • Chingling Line, Feebas Line, Illumise, Snorunt, Taillow Line, and Volbeat can now learn Endure via TM
  • Bellsprout line, Fambaco, Magnemite line, Phancero, Sylveon, and Tentacool line can now learn Headbutt via TM
  • Phancero can now learn Hidden Power via TM
  • All Eeveelutions can now learn Mustard Gas via TM
  • Luxray can now learn Nightshade via TM
  • Slowking can now learn Rush Pulse via TM
  • Libabeel can now learn Prismatic Spray via TM
  • Electivire, Glaceon, Leafeon, Slowking, and Umbreon can now learn Reflect via TM
  • Scizor can now learn Sky Attack via TM
  • Abra Line, Geodude Line, and Phancero can now learn Swift through the TM
  • Ariados, Goldeen Line, Rapidash, and Yanma Line can now learn Sword Dance via TM
  • Raiwato can now learn Thunder Wave via TM
  • Steelix can now learn Void Sphere via TM
  • Rhyperior and Slowking can now learn Zap Cannon via TM
  • Some minor text corrections
  • Tool Compatibility: Source code now works with the latest RGBDS, and polished map collisions work on maps

Debug vs Standard

They are both the same except that the Debug version gives you access to the Debug menu where you can do things like get Pokemon, warp anywhere, manage items, edit flags, etc. I recommend getting the Debug version to get as it can help to avoid bugs. You don’t have to use the other features if you don’t want to.

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