Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Rom Hack


Pokemon Renegade Platinum a Pokemon NDS Rom Hack by Drayano based on Pokemon Platinum in English. And it's now available for download Free And Fast.
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Pokemon Renegade Platinum a Pokemon NDS Rom Hack by Drayano based on Pokemon Platinum in English. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Rom Hack

Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Rom Pre Patched Download

Creator: Drayano
Version: v130
Hack by: platinum
Updated on: 2018

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The game pretty much shares the same storyline as Pokemon Platinum. There are no changes in the storyline. The only difference is that some characters and trainers have changed, but the story remains the same.


The list of Pokemon is more extensive and includes all Pokemon up to Generation VI. Fairy guy is also included in the game. All Pokemon in Renegade Platinum have their types and stats updated through Generation VI.

This means that any Pokemon that recently gained a secondary type or the Fairy type will also have that in play. It also means there are additional moves and several TMs have been changed and updated. Pokemon evolutions can be done quickly in the game as the level requirements have been lowered.

There’s also no longer a need to trade Pokemon to evolve them, which is always a good idea. Various item prices have been reduced. Also, new items have been added to the game that can serve as evolution catalysts or just be used. The placement of items in the game has also been changed, but not all.

As you advance in the story, there are still important items you can get from the same people, but others have been changed.

The battles with the special trainers and the gym leaders have become a bit more difficult. It’s not so hard that the game is awful, but it’s a bit more challenging and more fun. There are also changes to some NPCs and Pokemon spawn locations. Considering that there are more Pokemon, several have been added in some areas when playing Pokemon Renegade Platinum. Also Try Pokemon Light Platinum GBA.

features List

  • All 493 Pokemon available
  • Revamped Trainer Battles
  • Harder boss fights
  • Added fairy type
  • Increased Shiny Rate (1/8192 -> 1/512)
  • Increased gameplay speed
  • New special events and NPCs
  • In-game trades have been changed
  • Some TMs have changed
  • Updated base stats to sun/moon
  • No more trade developments. (They evolve by leveling up)
  • All Wild and Trainer Pokemon have been changed


Download Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Free

You can download Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Rom Hack via the download button at the top of the page.

Credits : Drayano