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Are you want to play the platinum version on the big screen? Then you have found the best platform. Here we share Pokemon Platinum ROM direct download link. With this ROM file you can play this game on the computer with the help of an emulator.
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Nintendo DS Emulator

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Are you want to play the platinum version on the big screen? Then you have found the best platform. Here we share Pokemon Platinum ROM direct download link. With this ROM file you can play this game on the computer with the help of an emulator.

Pokemon Platinum Version Rom It is an RPG developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo as well as the Pokemon company. The game is an improved version of the Diamond and Pearl version. The features that were missing in the previous versions are included in the platinum version.

Pokemon Platinum ROM Download For Nintendo DS Emulator

ROM Name : Pokemon Platinum Version
File size : 48.5 MB
Region: United States
Console : Nintendo DS
Genre : RPG


Pokemon Platinum ROM Download For Nintendo DS Emulator
Pokemon Platinum ROM Nintendo DS Emulator

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Want a bit of adventure in the game? Then play the Pokemon Platinum version, because it contains many adventure elements. Despite being an RPG, the adventure elements make the game an adventurous game. The basic mechanics of the game is the same as in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is a third person perspective game and consists of three screens, the field map, the battle screen and the menu. On the field map, the player can navigate the main characters. And via the menu, the player can configure his group. Pokemon have hit points in play. If all hit points are reduced to zero, the Pokemon cannot fight.

The story begins with your character moving from their birthplace, Twinleaf Town, to the nearest major city, Jubilife City. There you pick up your first Pokemon from Prof. Rowan’s assistant Dawn/Lucas (depending on your character’s gender). On the way there, through a forest thicket, a wild Starly attacks you and unexpectedly starts a fight with you. After catching the Starly, you’ll meet your rival, an obnoxious guy who’s also looking for his first Pokemon. After you give him one of your Pokemon, he will challenge you to a fight. The rest of the story unfolds…

The game has many gameplay twists and in addition to completing the league tournament, it offers additional side quests that will prove to be entertaining for all types of players. Anime fans will surely enjoy this game as it is closely based on the anime series that was dubbed into English in late 2008/early 2009.

It can be played on Nintendo’s Wii system via the Virtual Console service, or on the Nintendo DS itself if you purchase the physical version. The physical version comes with a wireless adapter that allows you to play multiplayer games wirelessly.

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Available Pokemon Platinum

  • 59 more Pokémon have been added to the Sinnoh Pokédex for a total of 210 entries. This now includes all of the non-Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, along with their evolved forms and some other Pokémon. The added Pokémon, such as Rotom and Giratina, are now available before the Pokemon Platinum League Challenge.
  • Giratina has been given a new form known as the Original Form, with its originally designed form being retrospectively referred to as the Altered Form. Giratina appears in Origin Form when in the Distortion World and Altered Form outside. A Griseous Orb is required to transform it into its original form outside of the Distortion World.
  • Native Form’s ability is Levitation, and its base stats are the same as Altered Form’s, swapping offensive stats with corresponding defensive stats.
  • Shaymin’s new Forme is called Celestial Form and has a dog-like appearance. His ability is Serene Grace and the Forme focuses on speed and special attack. It is able to learn new moves such as Rapid Attack, Air Strike, and Leaf Storm.
  • Shaymin can switch between his two forms through the use of the Gracidea. Its sky form changes to land form at night when Shaymin is frozen or when it is placed in the PC.
  • Rotom also has new forms. Each of the five forms is a Rotom that has acquired an electrical device. Despite the visual characteristics of the other types, the five forms share the same traits as the original Rotom: Electric and Spirit. They also have the original Rotom’s Levitation ability. The item for unlocking these Pokémon in the game, the Secret Key, is event-based. Since these Pokémon aren’t typically available in this game, they were banned from official tournaments until the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, which allowed Rotom to transform without an event item.
  • Regirock, Regice, and Registeel can be caught at level 30 using an Event Regigiga distributed in Nintendo events.
  • Regigigas can now be found at level 1, making it the lowest non-glitchy wild Pokémon in any game, along with Magikarp, and the lowest non-glitchy Legendary Pokémon in any game.
  • The Legendary Birds can be found as roaming Pokémon after obtaining the National Pokédex. They roam Sinnoh, much like Mesprit and Cresselia. The player must speak to Professor Oak in Eterna City to trigger her appearance. They can all be found at level 60.
  • Dialga and Palkia will sequentially appear on the Spear Pillar after the player speaks to Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town and obtains the Adamant and Bright Orbs in Mt. Coronet.
  • Cynthia now gives the player a Pokémon Egg containing Togepi after the player defeats Team Galactic in the Team Galactic Eterna building, replacing the Happiny Egg previously available in Hearthome City.
  • Bebe now gives the player an Eevee before the player gets the National Pokédex; Eevee can now be obtained when the player first arrives in Hearthome City. It’s at level 20.
  • A man in Veilstone City gives the player a level 25 Porygon as a gift.
  • Manaphy, which still cannot be caught in-game, is now required to obtain the National Pokédex. It can be added to the Sinnoh Pokédex by finding its picture in a book in the Pokemon Platinum Mansion.

Download Pokemon Platinum ROM for Nintendo DS Emulator

Above we have provided a direct download link for the emulator and ROM file. Install the emulator first, then install the ROM file to play the game. The files are easy to download and only require one click to download. So get the game now and enjoy it on your Windows PC. The purpose of sharing this post is to share the direct download link of Pokemon Platinum Version ROM.

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