Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA Free Download


Pokemon Liquid Crystal is a popular FireRed based game that has already received hundreds of downloads.
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Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom is a popular FireRed based game that has already received hundreds of downloads. It’s a bit strange why the original Pokemon GBA ROMs don’t have Day & Night function. But in this Pokemon Liquid Crystal Download, day and night are now available and more fun.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA Free Download
Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA

Explore different areas you have never seen before such as the Orange Islands when playing the original FireRed game. Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom is packed with dozens of new events, hideouts, items and features that will surely make you say a big WOW to this game.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom
  • Game Size: About 6.4 MB
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake of Crystal Version
  • Creator: linkandzelda


Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA
Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA Download
Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GBA
Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom Game Download Full Review and Walkthrough :

If you are curious to explore the orange island in the Pokemon game then I think you are in the right place to download the liquid crystal version. Which have the ability to give you access to Orange Island which is one of the most exciting place to visit in any pokemon game. Lots of new events has been added into the gameplay, which makes the game more complex and exciting to play. And yes, one more thing is that you need to look at the gameplay screenshots before installing and playing the game.

What’s interesting about this game is that it has all the exciting features of the Crystal version plus some great new features that will make you even more excited. It’s like having a double pack in one game, like enjoying both the Crystal version features and the new features. The game’s Pokedex has been updated with the addition of some new Pokemon. One thing to note about the Pokedex is that there are a lot of Pokemon to discover in the hidden area that can be added to the Pokedex. These are some of the exciting hidden features of the game.

The day and night feature of the game is very exciting and makes the game even more exciting to complete all the upcoming missions. Now you have the opportunity to see and experience all real-time events and effects in the game as you will have access to the day and night system. One thing to know about the day and night system is that it is not like the traditional old class day and night systems. Now you can switch the gameplay mode in the different light mode like morning, evening and afternoon as well.

Adventures in Johto and Kanto:

This is the fact of the game that you can experience almost all kinds of adventures in Johto regions. Note that there are many types of rival teams and members in the area that are constantly checking on your adventure progress. All you have to do is keep all your adventures in play and increase your HP point more and more. Amazingly, now you will experience some of the amazing graphics and music effects.

As for the Kanto region, you have to keep in mind that this area can also be discovered in the game. There are many new enemy teams and rival teams in the region constantly waiting for you to come and join their teams for some serious battles and adventures. Also you can make it possible to do some amazing kind of adventures with them.

One of the special thing about these adventures in these areas that are awesome to experience is because there are different types of new visuals as well as sound effects. As you travel from one location to another, you’ll find that the Nostalgia Attacks have changed a lot. Now you will experience different types of nostalgia effects in all attacks. These are the great features that all Pokemon Crystal versions have been waiting for.

Experience different adventures in the Orange Islands:

What makes this game special is that there are different locations that make up this game. One of them is Orange Island! This has never before been visited and seen by a person in the area. You will soon notice that the whole storyline of the game has been changed and updated by adding some new elements and Pokemon in the environment. Now you have to complete all the pending missions that you left unfinished in the Crystal ROM.

Hm! Amazingly, after the events in the Johto and Kanto regions, you will find that the main character is out of control. He/she will get out of control and visit the Orange Islands where he/she will face certain new challenges and fantastic adventures. Note that you don’t know the whole region, nor do you know what will happen next and after. The main thing is that you play the game carefully and complete all the upcoming missions.

About the graphics and maps of the game :

You will be surprised to know that in the pokemon liquid crystal Rom download zip version you will see the updated type of graphics. Also, walking on every map in the area, you will find that every map has been redesigned, which is one of the amazing feature of the game. The animation effects in the game are so great and attractive that you can enjoy them very much while playing. Most of these maps have been updated with the addition of some new twists and designs.

You will soon realize that all maps and locations in the Johto regions have been redesigned, making the game even more perfect and awesome for you. You will soon take interest in exploring the entire areas that has been redesigned because it consists of awesome graphic elements and animations. The new tiles and palettes make the game graphics amazing for you to explore.

Battle Scenes and Exploration:

The main changes that you will notice about the liquid crystal rom hack is the battle scenes. All battle scenes have been redesigned and reworked. Pokemon Battle Training is one of the awesome job that you can also do while train different pokemon for battles and fights. The battle trainers are looking for awesome realistic battle effects that are now available in the game. All battle scenes have been redesigned, with the addition of battle scenes from Pokemon Pearl and Diamond ROM hacks as well.

You will notice many changes in the realistic effects of the battles. The animations of all battle scenes have been changed a lot, and now you will also experience different kinds of animation effects. Most of the enemy teams are ready to fight with you. The rival teams are also present in the areas where you can explore different members. These rival teams are constantly challenging you for joining their teams.

You can now explore some new items and hidden areas in the main mission area. Note that there are different types of missions, which also involve exploring different areas and items. These exploration tasks can be boring for you in all older games. But it’s not the case in this game because there are some serious kind of graphics and elements that makes the researching tasks more awesome and exciting for you to do in the game.

Diving underground:

You may have played the Pokemon Ruby version where you may have experienced the feature of diving underground to explore a different type of items. In this game, you will soon learn that underground diving is one of the most amazing features in the game. How to dive in the oceans to explore items and elements in the game. These are some of the great features that make the game more unique than the Ruby version where this feature is already available. You can also try Pokemon GS Chronicles latest version

Now some of you will be wondering if it is necessary for the main player to submerge in the oceans. The simple answer is that in the game you face some challenges to find different types of objects and elements in the deep caves of the oceans. For this purpose you have to use the function of diving underground in the ocean and exploring almost all kinds of pending objects and elements. There can be different types of missions in which deep ocean diving can be skipped.

About the music and battle mechanics:

One special thing to note about the music of Pokemon liquid crystal Rom version that makes the game more unique than any other version of crystal rom. Some nice kind of music pieces has been added into the game which makes the game more awesome for all those music and game lovers of Pokemon games. The old bit type of music is no longer in the game which makes it really boring for all players playing the game. Now the game developers have done a great job by incorporating the great kind of music tunes.

The in-game battle mechanics have been redesigned as we’ve seen in many Pokemon games like the Lightplatinum or Sage versions. These combat mechanic changes will make your mode about fighting in full swing. huh! Even you will be willing to train a different type of team members that you have already joined. Some fantastic effects make the game mechanics more attractive and playable for all game lovers.

The game’s weather system:

Pokemon liquid crystal Rom Surprisingly, you’ll now notice some serious type of weather system in the game. Because all the old type of weather system has been changed and now you have the realistic weather system in the game. As you play the game, you will notice that the in-game weather changes depending on the mode of the mission and the player. This realistic kind of effects makes the game more awesome for playing all the difficult kind of missions and tasks.

The realistic type of weather system is also not present in all pokemon rom hacks. Because these are the advanced type of changes and updates available in the Pokemon games. While traveling from one place to another you will find that the weather is fine.

What's new

Features in Pokemon Liquid Crystal Version Download GBA:

  • Having a new Storyline and plot.
  • New Tiles and Palletes.
  • Movesets and Realistic Weather System.
  • Having new Day and Night System.
  • Explore the Johto and Kanto Regions and Experience New missions.
  • New Battle Effects and Mechanics.
  • Revamped maps and Graphics.
  • Underground Diving is the coolest feature for diving inside the ocean.
  • Amazing Kind of Music and Soundtracks.
  • Trainer House is Evolved.
  • Many New Effects and animations of battles.
  • Multiple Evil Teams.
  • Amazing kind of new places and regions to explore.
  • New Items to explore.