Top 11 BEST Completed Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks (2022-2023)

We got some really awesome Completed pokemon GBA rom hacks. And among them there are some that have gotten really popular among Pokemon fans.

Top 11 BEST Completed Pokemon GBA ROM

BEST Completed Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks

Today we are going to look at some of the best new pokemon gba rom hacks that you should definitely try. As the title suggests, this time we’ll only be covering gba rom hacks, but don’t worry we’ll be releasing another top5/10 list for nds and rpgxp fangames soon. So, without further ado, here are Top 10 BEST Completed Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks (2022-2023).

11- Pokemon Ultimate Fusion GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon Ultimate Fusion

Game Info:

Creator: Migueon22
Version: Completed v1
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: August 19, 2022


  • Fusion Pokémon.
  • Redesigned trainer teams.
  • Updated Stats & Moves.
  • Some minor changes.

10- Pokemon Blue Stars 3 Forces GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon Blue Stars 3 Forces

Game Info:

Creator: JEAN STAR
Version: v6 (Completed)
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: September 2, 2022

Team Eclipse invade the Starior region and wreak havoc in search of Cosmog. Will our heroes be able to stop Team Eclipse’s plan?


  • Pokemon from Gen 1-7.
  • New mechanic: PokeStop.
  • New graphics and side quests.
  • Overworld Pokemon Spawns.
  • Special Anime Characters & Unique Events!
  • Mega Evolution, Z Moves, Wonder Trade, Dexnav, Exp Share All!
  • Battle in the Stars, BW Repel, DNS System & more!

9- Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma GBA

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Game info:

Creator: Alex Sanchez
Version: v1.4 (Completed)
Hack by: FeuerRot
Updated on: May 2, 2022


Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma is a new revolutionary version of Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. In addition to Johto and Kanto, the Orange Alola Islands and Hoenn are also represented.

There are over 807 Pokemon in Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma and added support for Mega Evolution and various changes to sprites, structures, moves and abilities. Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma’s 15,000+ Facebook fans can’t go wrong in supporting this game, and you should too.


  • More than 807 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 8, with Alolan forms & Galar forms
  • Improved graphics
  • Mega evolution in battle
  • Removed barter evolutions
  • New items like Shiny Charm, Joy Checker, Skill Capsule
  • Miracle Exchange, a simulated miracle trading system
  • Battle Frontier facilities are scattered throughout the game
  • EVs and IVs are displayed on the screen
  • All Gym Leaders offer rematches in Johto, Kanto, Orange Islands and Hoenn
  • DNS System – Dawn, Day, Afternoon, Dusk, Night
  • Redesigned soundtrack

8- Pokemon The Last Fire Red GBA

Pokemon The Last Fire Red

Game Info:

Creator: RomsPrid
Version: 4.0.3
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: February 14, 2021


As we mentioned before, FireRed’s story is pretty much exactly as it is in the original. There are a few minor changes and additions, but you wouldn’t notice them all that much.


  • fairy guy
  • High level of difficulty
  • New rivals
  • Extended PC boxes (up to 24!)
  • Extended baggage
  • All moves, abilities, items, and item effects through Gen 7
  • A complete set of motion animations
  • Greatly improved AI system with decision abilities for all new combat effects
  • Z movements with animations
  • Mega Evolution / Primal Reversal / Ultra Burst
  • Skill pop-ups
  • Hidden Abilities
  • Disappearing HP bars during attack animations
  • New Items (Shiny Charm, GEMs, Mega Stones, Z-Crystals and more)
  • Totem Pokémon
  • Item picture upon receipt
  • Mega evolution in battle
  • Dynamax in battle
  • Wild double fights
  • Trainers with EVs
  • Class-based Poké Balls
  • Team Magma & Aqua
  • Some new events
  • Updated graphics
  • New Ghosts
  • running in the house
  • All Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7
  • Pokes’ IVs
  • Double fights
  • PSS system
  • Physical special division
  • push-off system
  • New Overworlds
  • New trainers
  • New Evolution Methods
  • Level scaling (Trainer Pokemon levels are set to the highest in your party)
  • Ash Greninja-z (transforms in battle with his ability)
  • Gen 1 starter, but all starters in the game except Gen8
  • Exp Share (a device to enable/disable EXP sharing)
  • New Evolution Stones (Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Brilliant Stone, Trade Stone, Ice Stone, Oval Stone)
  • Alolan form
  • Evolution at night & day and in the evening (e.g. Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc Night at night, and into Lycanrock Day during the day or into Lycanrock Dusk in the evening)
  • Each trainer has an improved AI
  • Day/Night/Seasonal system
  • DexNav
  • Poke Outfits

7- Pokemon Snakewood GBA Rom Hack

Pokemon Snakewood

Game Info:

Creator: Cutlerine
Version: Final version (corrected)
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: July 29, 2016


from Pokemon Snakewood is a bit scary, scary and yet funny. The scene takes place in the small town of Littleroot, where you wake up with no memory. It’s kind of a mystery for you to figure out how you got there, what your real identity is, and what’s really happening while you sleep.


  • New scripts, new overworlds, new sprites
  • New areas like the hidden Meathouse, the crazy Island of Calm and the unexpected Hoenn University of Film
  • Several zombie versions of normal Pokemon
  • 6 Denjuu
  • Badges are obtained in a slightly unusual way as most of the gyms have now been destroyed by zombies
  • Cheating characters that will lie to you
  • An unusual and somewhat rambling storyline
  • A bunch of references to books, movies, manga, other hacks and other things
  • Slightly darker plot than usual
  • Slightly increased difficulty

6- Pokemon Fire Gold GBA ROM

Pokemon Fire Gold

Game Info:

Creator: Tzx211
Version: v1.2 (Completed)
Hack by: FireRed
Updated June 13, 2022

Pokemon Fire Gold is a base game of FireRed with the same tilesets but based on the Johto region. It’s a very strange game because it’s true that there are many Johto remakes like the famous Liquid Crystal or the recent hit GS Chronicles, but this one is unlike the others with the fiery red graphics and it’s something we have never seen. At the end of the article you will find all the information about the game.


  • Goldenrod City Sales & Radio Lucky Number.
  • Added intense custom music.
  • Johto, Kanto & Mt Silver Completed!
  • Battle 16 Gyms and challenge the Elite Four of each region.
  • Wandering Legendaries & VS Seeker Trainers.
  • Bug Catching Contest & Apricot Pokeball Maker.
  • Fairy art, new moves, new skills and items.
  • Galarian & Hisui forms have been added to the game.
  • Cameo Events: Lake of Wrath Flooded & Dance of the Fairies.

5- Pokemon Unbound GBA ROM

Game Info:

Author(s): Skeli
Version: v2.0.3.2 / Battle Frontier Demo
Hack by: FeuerRot
Updated on: December 19, 2021


Welcome to the Borrius region, a region steeped in history. Many years ago, the Borrius region fought a brutal war with the Kalos region. The people of the Borrius region summoned a dark power to help them defeat their enemies. However, the war ended in defeat when the king of the Kalos region used the ultimate weapon. After the war, the dark power was sealed and never to be used again. However, many years later, an organization known simply as “The Shadows” appears intent on unleashing the dark force once again. It’s up to you to stop them and save the Borrius region from final destruction.

Be sure to check out Pokemon Unbound Cheats too!


  • A Powerful Engine: A Gen 8-level custom combat engine, as well as many quality-of-life features
  • Enjoy catching all your favorite Pokemon, from Gen 1 to Gen 7
  • Loads of features: Unlimited Bag Space, Auto-Run, DexNav, Daily Raids, Inverse Battles and much more!
  • A new HM system: access all your favorite HMs without the hassle of carrying HM slaves
  • A Custom OST: Enjoy over 50 unique songs composed for Pokemon Unbound Download
  • Updated graphics: With Gen 4 graphics in the overworld and Gen 5 graphics in the interface
  • Difficulty Modes: From easy to insane, you can either sit back and relax or let an all-new AI system bang your teeth!
  • Unique Mission System: Pokemon Unbound contains over 75 unique missions to complete! Mission progress can be tracked with the new mission log.
  • Character Customization: Choose from up to 300 different combinations of skin tones, hair colors and outfit colors!
  • Daily Events: A wide variety of events exist throughout Borrius, many of which can be experienced daily and some that can only be found at certain times of the day!
  • Exciting Mini-Games: Play exciting mini-games like Safari Sniper and Underground Mining!
  • Challenging Puzzles: Put your brain to the test and find ways to solve many of the unique and complex puzzles scattered throughout Borrius!
  • A Rich Post-Game: Spend hours after the main campaign battling in Pokemon Unbound Download Battle Facilities, completing missions, mining in the KBT Expressway, catching Legendary Pokemon, and more!

4- Pokemon Insurgence GBA Rom Hack

Game Info:

Game Name: Pokemon Insurgence
OS requirements: Mac and Windows
TheSuzerain (main developer)
Deukhoofd (online developer)
EchoTheThird (main artist)
LunarDusk (Artist)
ZeroBreaker (Artist)
MrSinger186 (musician)
1ofthe4rocketbros (wiki manager)

Pokemon Insurgence Download GBA is one of the most downloaded Pokemon games we’ve seen. Pokemon Insurgence Cheats Many changes have been made.

Pokemon Insurgence is an awesome Pokemon game version with hundreds of new features not present in Gen III Pokemon game series and other ROM hacks. Insurgence features new regions, new species, stunning new mega-evolutions, and online trading opportunities.


  • A very interesting storyline.
  • Some new species available.
  • New megastones can make a certain difference.
  • A beautiful region called Torren.
  • You can also trade and communicate online.
  • Different levels of difficulty.
  • Nuzlocke Mode, Randomizer and some others are available.
  • You can catch almost 722 Pokemon.
  • Pokemon from Gen 1 to 6 are available in the game.
  • A combat simulator is available.

3- Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon Emerald Version

Gmae Info:

Console : Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Creatures , Game Freak , Inc.
Genre : Role-Playing
Region : Japan

Pokemon Emerald Version is a role-playing game released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2004. It is the third generation of the games, an improved version of Ruby and Sapphire along with improvements in gameplay, graphics and features. In the Pokémon universe, none of the games are connected to the storyline, but most share a common development story and worlds. In Emerald, players will still start in the Hoenn lands, similar to previous games, but this time the objective will change and players will experience more action than conversation.

2- Pokemon Radical Red GBA

Radical Red

Game Info:

Game Name: Pokemon Radical Red
Platform: GBA
Language: English
Creator: Yuuiii
Latest Version: v2.3a
Remake from: Fire Red

Pokemon Radical Red ROM hack of FireRed. The hack itself is a modification of gameplay elements in FireRed. The story is pretty much the same but it just has better or gameplay mechanics that may intrigue you. One thing that this ROM hack boasts is that it can be a bit hard and challenging.

This isn’t a ROM hack that you can take lightly and it is perfect for those that like a challenge. This game also allows you to randomize at the start of the game. It isn’t advisable because of how hard it can be but if you’ve finished the game already, a randomized run can be good as well.

1- Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Rom 

Pokemon GS Chronicles

Game Info:

Creator: ~Ruki!
Version: Beta 2.6 Build 2106202_19
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: June 20, 2021


  • A new storyline
  • Maps based on the HGSS maps
  • Mega Evolution (not yet available)
  • Day and night system and day/time based events
  • Time-based wild Pokemon
  • Original soundtrack adapted from HGSS
  • Physical/Special split
  • New Pokedex with some Gen 4-6 Pokemon
  • Introducing PokeRides, items that replace HMs
  • Some new Gen 4-8 moves included
  • Type table updated
  • New puzzles for some areas
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto
  • Updated Pokemon calls to match Gen 7/8
  • Daily Wondertrade with in-game trainers
  • Movement tutors in every PC

Let us know what’s your favorite pokemon gba rom hack from this list in the comments below!