Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA Download (Latest Version)


Pokemon Eris Emerald v0.3.0 update - Randomizer decomp hack now with Mass Outbreaks, Slate System from BDSP, and more!
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Jul 15, 2022

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Pokemon Eris Emerald is a GBA ROM Hack by Teon based on Pokemon Emerald. Latest version now available for download.

Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA

Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA ROM Download Pre Patched

Creator: Teon
Version: Beta 0.3.0
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: Jul 15, 2022

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This hack includes a unique random type generator that allows individual Pokemon of the same type to have their own type. He also changes the colors of the Pokémon to match your type. However, this hack isn’t quite finished yet, as I need to specify the primary and secondary colors of each Pokemon in order for it to work.


  • Adjusted the palette shift algorithm.
  • Improved the implementation of wildcard moves.
  • Implemented palette switching for more Pokemon.
  • More wildcard moves have been implemented.
  • Other small improvements.

changes in quality of life

  • Added the ability to use HM Field moves without having to learn them.
  • Updated the system for losing money in battles to match newer games.
  • Running shoes are now available at startup.
  • Gen 6 Exp. Share (awarded when running shoes are usually given away).
  • Linking cord items to evolve Pokémon as an alternative to trading.
  • Items saved for trade development are no longer consumed during development.
  • Thief now puts items directly into the wild fight bag.
  • Added a color indicator of movement type effectiveness in combat.
  • No more fainting in the overworld from poison.
  • Evolution items and competition items can now be purchased at the department store.
  • PokéMart inventories are based on Gym Badges.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • Modern repellent system.
  • More pockets for pockets.

Useful stuff

Pokemon Eris Emerald Screenshots

Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA Download

What's new

This update brings a lot of new content and features, including mass breakouts, legendary slate encounters, more post-game content, a larger regional dex, a level cap option, and the ability to set a random number generator!

Eris Emerald offers the unique ability to randomize each Pokemon's types (not just by species, so you can have a full team of Lotad that are all different types). The colors of the Pokemon sprites have also been updated to match the new types I've implemented and this update has implemented this for all of the Pokemon encountered in the base game. Learnsets will also be updated (where implemented) to match the new type of Pokemon.

This decomp hack uses RH-Hideout's Emerald expansion project so that most Pokemon, moves and abilities up to Gen 8 are available when randomization is enabled. Other features from previous updates include item linking cord for trade evolutions, toggleable EXP release, reusable TMs, and the ability to use field moves without teaching them.

Thank you also for all the enthusiasm and support!

Edit: I only tested on mGBA and PizzaBoy for Android. So if you're having problems like freezing after the title screen or setting the clock, try one of these emulators.