Pokemon Saiph GBA Rom Download

Full Game 2020 Patch

Download Pokemon Saiph GBA ROM hack of FireRed by Vytron. The game continues the story of Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia but it is original on its own.
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Full Game 2020 Patch

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Download Pokemon Saiph GBA ROM hack of FireRed by Vytron. The game continues the story of Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia but it is original on its own.

Pokemon Saiph GBA Rom Download

Download Pokemon Saiph Version GBA Rom

Creator: #Vytron
Version: Full Game 2020 Patch
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: March 26, 2020


As we mentioned earlier, Pokemon Saiph is an unofficial sequel to Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil any plot from this game and the story here isn’t official anyway. Still, it’s a typical Pokemon story where people mix Pokemon with their desire for power and more. The story takes place in the Hoenn region, and while it’s once again about saving the world, you still end up doing the usual Pokemon stuff.


Let’s start with the aesthetics of Pokemon Saiph, as the pixels are pretty much based on the Gen V games on the DS. You can also see that there are wallpapers during battles. As for the music, tracks from the DS games are played at certain points. As for the Pokemon list, it’s very broad. You have Pokemon from Generation I to VI and it’s still a bit unclear which are the confirmed ones.

The values ​​of the available Pokemon are partially updated. This also means that the Fairy type is in play and that all available Pokemon have updated types, not just the third generation ones. In terms of game mechanics, a lot has been added. We have the appearance of the side stairs. It’s not such a big deal since it’s all about the design, but it’s always welcome.

The in-game items and TMs have also been updated. Speaking of TMs, they’re reusable, so there’s no need to worry about wasting a TM as it won’t go anywhere. There’s also a lot of new content, like another area in Hoenn that doesn’t appear in the other games, but it’s not official. There is also another region called Colen that you can explore later.

Also, be sure to check out Pokemon Flora Sky.

List of Features

  • A whole new region to explore, the Colen region
  • A part of Hoenn that you can explore in the post-game
  • B2/W2 soundtrack
  • B/W inspired graphic style
  • Physical/Special split
  • Reusable TMs
  • fairy guy
  • Newer generation Pokemon, moves, skills and items
  • Side stairs
  • A new evil team: Team Void
  • Updated battle backgrounds
  • New Pocket UI
  • day/night system



  • Ishrak’s Poketips (Fancy logo for the game)
  • Mr. Maiker (translator for the Spanish version)
  • LukeeGD (Soundtrack)
  • Dionen, turtwig2 (tile set)
  • tebited15 (Female protagonist OWs)
  • h y o (Male Protagonist Backsprite, Combat/Trainer Map Sprite)
  • pokefreak890 (Big parts of the game engine)
  • Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク (selection screen)
  • Againsts (summary screen)
  • Nisarg (sprite for the sacks)
  • JK from Whack a Hack (Pocket UI)
  • diegoisawesome (For his great XSE tutorial that taught me pretty much everything about scripting)
  • All from VRP (My Discord Server) for support