Pokemon Sors Download GBA ROM (Latest Version)

Full Release v1.3

Pokemon Sors Download GBA Rom Hack by Vytron based on Pokemon FireRed in English.
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December 25, 2021
Full Release v1.3
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Download Pokemon Sors GBA Rom Hack by Vytron based on Pokemon FireRed in English. The graphics look like the games from the NDS.

Pokemon Sors Download GBA ROM

Pokemon Sors GBA Rom Download Pre-Patched

Creator: Vytron
Version: full version v1.3
Hack by: FireRed
Updated on: December 25, 2021


Before Pokemon Sors, 300 hundred years ago, an event called “The Darkness” took place in the Hupest region. During the eclipse, the Pokemon went wild and took on different forms. Now, in the game’s current timeline, you must solve the mystery of where the villain groups are trying to restore the eclipse.

Since there is the Eclipse type, they even have success with it. Don’t forget to use the Pokemon elements like in the other games.

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Let’s start with the fact that the Eclipse type exists and only a few Pokemon have it. The roster itself goes all the way up to Gen 7 with around 700+ Pokemon and 40+ Eclipse types.

The graphics and visual elements are based on the DS games like HGGS and B2W2. New music and sounds have also been added as you explore the Hornest region. There are also a number of side quests that you can take on in the game.

Legendary Pokemon:

Legendary Pokémon are among the most powerful creatures in the Pokemon universe. Proponents of Legendary Pokémon say they deserve to be caught by a trainer and carefully trained for battles where they must use their powers to win. Others disagree, saying that catching a Legendary Pokémon is an impossible feat and shouldn’t be attempted. Regardless of which side you choose, there’s no question that Legendary Pokémon are rare and can bestow great power on Trainers once they’ve caught them.

A realistic game in which the player becomes a Pokémon trainer. The game features one of the most diverse Pokémon collections of any Pokémon game, some of which are so powerful they can only be found in rare fossils. In the history of Pokémon there were many legends that spread from city to city. Legendary Pokémon are said to be even more powerful than the standard Pokémon, and they’re always a diverse group. Each Legendary Pokemon is not only extremely strong, but also has a different ability or power that sets it apart from the rest. One of these legends is Mewtwo, created by Team Rocket’s scientists to create a clone of their leader Giovanni. Also try the Amazing Pokemon Bronze 2 GBC

In the world of Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon are a special class of Pokémon distinguished by their rarity and power. These incredibly powerful creatures are often difficult to capture and are rumored to only be found in a few places around the world. They usually have a unique classification so players will know what type of Legendary they are encountering in case they need information. Featuring rare and hard-to-find Pokemon like Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo, this game sets itself apart from all other Pokemon games with the ability to catch Legendary Pokemon. These powerful creatures are not easy to catch and can only be found in select areas of the world. Also, try Pokemon Dark Energy.

Pokemon Sors Features List :

  • The player must travel through the Kanto region, catching and fighting 151 different types of Pokémon.
  • (Almost) Complete National Dex through Gen 7 (758 species plus 48 Eclipse Pokemon)
  • Side quests (with their own quest log)
  • The player chooses a boy or girl as the protagonist, one of three starter Pokémon, and then goes in search of all 151 Pokémon in the area.
  • The player fights against his rival called rival character or rival.
  • The rival can be fought after winning two rock-paper-scissors games (best of three).
  • The ability to counter the Dragon type is very helpful for the Fairy type.
  • Fairy-types are weak against Water-type moves.
  • A new combat mechanic, Eclipsing
  • Friends aren’t playing the game yet
  • There is one new feature that has not yet been discussed.

Useful things


Note: The recommended emulators are VBA, My Boy! and John GBA. Fast forward is not recommended.


Where do you find Happiny in pokemon sors ?

Talk to the scientist near the daycare on Route 2. She needs an oval rock. She said that you can find a happiny holding the oval stone here, but it’s rare. When you find one, give it to her and she will give you an egg.

How do you evolve magneton into Magnezone in pokemon sors?

Magneton evolves into Magnezone when the player raises their Pokemon’s rating to level 30. The Pokemon also evolves when exposed to a Thunder Stone. The exact form it transforms into depends on the game in which it evolves.

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