Pokemon Islas Doradas Download GBA Rom

Final 2.0

Pokemon Islas Doradas GBA Rom Hack by Ángel based on Pokemon Ruby in English And it's now available for download Free And Fast.
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Final 2.0
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Pokemon Islas Doradas is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Ángel based on Pokemon Ruby in English. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Islas Doradas Download GBA Rom

Pokemon Islas Doradas GBA Rom Download Pre Patched

Pokemon Islas Doradas
  • Creator: Angel
  • Version: Final 2.0
  • Hack by: Ruby

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One red, one blue. In the movie Pokemon Heroes, the two engaged in a fierce battle with Kabuto and Aerodactyl. Yes, the power of Latios and Latias has been clearly fleshed out.

In this game, Latios and Latias will be the main characters. They have slept for a long time since their last fights. Nobody has seen her since those days. And now there is a glitch. Someone is trying to capture Latios and Latias for their own purposes. What could they do after that? What are they going to do with these Legendaries?

You know about it from your friends. You can’t stay where you are. Your task is to explore and understand what the bad guys are up to and save Latios, Latias while you still can. restore the peace. Also Try Pokemon Unown GBA ROM.


  • new story.
  • Enjoy the experiences of Generation III Pokemon.


Pokemon Islas Doradas GBA Download Link

You can download Pokemon Islas Doradas via the download button at the top of the page. Also Try Pokemon Fire Red Extended.