Pokemon Unown GBA ROM


Pokemon Unown For GBA ROM hack by brazgardian based on Pokemon FireRed. And it's now available for download Free and Fast.
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Pokemon Unown is a GBA ROM hack by brazgardian based on Pokemon FireRed. And it’s now available for download.

Pokemon Unown GBA ROM
Pokemon Unown GBA ROM

Download Pokemon Unown GBA ROM Pre Patched

Creator: brazgardian
Version: Beta v0.5
Hack by: FeuerRot

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This is a Pokemon FireRed hack with an increased difficulty and rework that focuses on creating a more natural and intense random experience.

Combat and encounters are always “unknown,” which attempts to bring the unpredictability of competitive combat to Kanto’s story.

All Wild Encounters, Trainer Battles, and Gift Pokemon are randomized thematically. This means that the Pokemon’s power and types are derived from the vanilla engine. Unlike most other randomizers, you cannot encounter fully evolved or legendary Pokemon in Route 1. Of course, you can’t fish/surf Fire Pokemon either.

This makes the hack very repeatable, much more challenging than vanilla, and has a bit less entropy than most other randomizers.


  • DPE’s Gen1-8 Pokemon
  • CFRU’s AI and Quality of Life
  • Based on Leon’s Base
  • Thematically randomized
  • Improved Difficulty
  • Mega Evolutions
  • New Unknown Buffs
  • A gentle Nuzlocke mode
  • Optional difficulty modes
  • Optional encounter ban
  • and much more!


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