Pokemon Revelation GBA Rom Download (Latest Version)


Pokemon Revelation is a GBA ROM Hack by RichterSnipes based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 30, 2022.
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Download Pokemon Revelation GBA ROM Hack by RichterSnipes based on Pokemon Emerald in English.

Pokemon Revelation GBA Rom Download

Pokemon Revelation GBA ROM Download pre patched

Creator: RichterSnipes
Version: v220734
Hack by: Emerald
Updated on: July 12, 2022

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Ten years to the day after the release of Pokémon Throwback comes the sequel! Pokémon Revelation is a Pokémon Emerald decompilation hack that improves the quality of life. There are now a plethora of other QoL Emerald hacks out there, so the question arises:

“Why Revelation?”

The goal of Pokémon Revelation is to incorporate as many QoL features from current games as possible without changing the look and feel of Pokémon Emerald and remaining compatible with the official games. There may be hacks with more exotic visual flair or more elaborate features, but none will feel or be as faithful to the original as this one. At least that’s my intention! Features added to the game will maintain a similar look and feel to the base game, and new or changed text/events will adhere to the intent of Emerald and the official games. Check out Revelation if you’re looking for a hack similar to Emerald but better!

What about the plot of the game? A small change was made to part of it. But you’ll have to find that out for yourself! Or just be an avid reader.


Pokemon Revelation is packed with a variety of features. As a decomp hack, more advanced features and techniques are possible and the author has made good use of that!

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Revelation exceeds Throwback and meets the expectations of many hack players: All 386 Pokémon from the first three generations can be obtained in this hack. As overwhelming as that sounds, this hack makes everything feel natural. That’s how it works:

  • Time of day encounters
  • New Pokémon on exclusive Emerald cards
  • Mass Breakout expansion and rework
  • Simulated trading for trading developments
  • Additions and changes to in-game trading
  • New Events
  • Access to all event tickets
  • Extension of roaming
  • Prizes in the play corner
  • Trainer Hill Prizes
  • Alteration Cave revamp
  • Fossils from fragile rocks in the desert underpass
  • Earn all three Johto starters for reaching certain milestones



  • Ghoulslash – Overworld expansion (fixes by Deokishisu), costume system, auto-running (fixes by Jaizu), repeated use of medicine, dynamic marts by badge count, bag sorting, arrows for scrolling in options menu
  • DizzyEggg – colored stats by nature on the Pokémon summary screen, faster text rendering (fixes by AsparagusEduardo), scrolling in the options menu, experience gain when catching Pokémon
  • TheXaman – Registered items list, options menu expansion frame, self trade (corrected names of Zeturic), text font frame, Match Call option
  • AsparagusEduardo – Units system option (with Lunos), modern white out money loss calculation (with tweaks by lightgod87)
  • Citrus Bolt – Code for legality/personality seed, nature/gender checks for chain encounters
  • ExpoSeed – Reuse of Repel OW prompt, dynamic overworld palettes (algorithm by CompuMax)
  • Lunos – one-time TM purchases
  • Blurose – modern exp. system
  • Zeturic – Pokemon summary screen cover
  • Jaizu – automatic lowercase text input
  • cbt – simultaneous multidirectional inputs
  • Ketsuban – changing bikes

Beta Testers: Hobusu, Akiak, Cael Thunderwing

All the people who contributed to the decompilation of Pret’s Pokeemerald.
All people who worked on the main decompilation (Wyrserth, Lunos and AsparagusEduardo)