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Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 is a sequel of Pokemon Fusion Generation Game that is made for PC, RPG.
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Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 is a sequel of Pokemon Fusion Generation Game that is made for PC, RPG. Pokemon Fusion 2 Download is the second in the Pokemon series of games in this theme.

Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Download

It contains all 151 original Pokemon with additional second generation monsters. It’s everything you would expect from the Pokemon game series. This game contains many different game modes including adventure mode, time challenge and more. The game also includes an online mode where you can play against other people around the world.

In this game you can choose an animal avatar and customize it with the different clothes and accessories available. As you progress through the game, you can also buy upgrades and unlock new clothes and accessories for your avatar.

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Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Full File Info:

Pokemon Fusion Generation 2

Version: 2
Original: Fusion Gen
Platform: RPG
Language: English


Set some time after the events of Pokemon Fusion Generation 1, former Indigo League champion Ethan/Lyra dreams of an exciting new adventure. Encouraged by family and friends, including Professor Elm, they make their way to Cherrygrove City, where Bill is devising another invention to make a delivery that Elm says will help the victims of pickpocketing in Kanto.

There they meet their rival and friend Silver in a tense confrontation with his father Giovanni. They meet a trainer named Dawn, who introduces herself as the master of Sinnoh. Soon after, they are blinded by a flash of light, and as it fades, they realize that a house has appeared out of nowhere.

Bill steps out of the house and explains that he invented a teleporter that allows his house to travel around the world instantly. He offers to take the strongest trainer from the crowd to an island far away. As Dawn and the player prepare to battle for the prize, they find that their Poké Balls are missing. In addition, an angry mob forms, claiming that their Pokémon have disappeared from the PC.

Bill, Dawn, Silver and Ethan/Lyra flee and Giovanni, who lives nearby, plans to keep them off the island. At Sea Cottage, Bill reminisces about the events of the first generation of fusion and explains that he discovered wild fusion on a remote island. He says he developed the teleporter and went to Cherrygrove City to explore the island with a powerful trainer. Now he worries that the same people responsible for fusing the island’s Pokémon could also be behind hacking of PC storage systems around the world.

Before exploring the island, Bill offers Dawn, Silver, and the player the fusions Cyndavee, Totovee, and Chikovee after their other Pokémon, including the player’s Lugia, are kidnapped. They go outside and find themselves on Splicen Island, a beautiful and seemingly uninhabited place many miles off the coast of the Sinnoh region.

Before long, Silver mysteriously disappears, leaving the rest of the group to search the island of Splicen on their own. Eventually they stumble upon an abandoned lab where they hope to find silver, but instead they discover a PC containing all of the stolen Pokémon, but now fused. They meet a mysterious boy who warns them to leave the island. Despite his best efforts to stop them, Dawn recovers all of the Pokémon on PC, and they are all returned to their original trainers.

With Fusions in the hands of more Trainers than ever before, your character, Dawn, and other friends you meet along the way must travel the world to unravel the mysteries of Splice Island and discover who ushered in another generation of Fusions and for what purpose.

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Development of Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 began in 2013 and ended in June 2014 due to legal threats from Nintendo of America. As her appearance at the end of the second game indicates, a third part with Hilda as the protagonist should follow.


Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 includes all 104 of the original fusions plus 336 new types for a total of 440. Many of the new fusions can evolve, they can hatch from eggs, you can use Bill’s machine to fuse your own, and the time capsule can be used to to transfer Pokémon from the first generation of Fusion. Thanks to the inclusion of many more types of fusions, starting in the second gym, trainers use fusions almost exclusively, while in the previous game they used canon/non-fusion Pokémon much more often.

The starter fusions are again based on Eevee, but have three stages instead of two like traditional starters, branch evolutions, and are obtained early in the game rather than being fused later. Also, each of them can be taught to follow you. Mareevee (Mareep + Eevee) is Pikavee’s counterpart from the first game, an electric type that evolves like the starters, but unlike Pikavee, it cannot be easily obtained from Bill. Hogia, an amalgamation of Ho-oh and Lugia, appears on the title screen and Minusle, Minun, and Plusle are the game’s symbol.

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